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Thank you for the beautiful season.

Taste your vacation, taste the Capitaine Homard!

Since 1968, the Capitaine Homard has been catering to seafood lover’s needs, offering  a menu that revolves almost entirely around the many ways lobster can be savoured. It is our great pleasure to welcome you at our table.

Every year, lobster fishing season begins at the end of April in Gaspésie and that is when the Capitaine Homard also casts off moorings.

Many regular patrons, travelers and tourists make a special trip to enjoy their first lobster of the year… and many others afterwards. This long tradition has given our restaurant its warm and friendly atmosphere.

We hope you will also appreciate our specialities and the unique gaspesian ambiance of our restaurant.

Freshness guaranteedSeafood on ice

Did you know that we hold over 5000 pounds of lobster in our crawls? All this thanks to an elaborate pumping system 1000 feet offshore that supplies the crawls with sea water.

This allows us to always have 1 to 5 pounds lobsters, depending on what we have inbound. Make sure you check the information board when you come in the restaurant to see how much our biggest lobster in the crawl weights.


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